Over the years Apple has positioned itself as one of the largest and most important companies when it comes to technological services, being the favorite brand of millions and millions of people around the world, for that reason Apple developed a store for its users: iTunes.

iTunes is the multimedia content store for Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPod, Apple TV and iMac. This place specially designed for users of this brand is not limited to downloading apps only, but it works as a music and video player.

*Organization: in iTunes, users can organize the music in playlists, in this way they decide in the order they want to listen to their favorite songs.

*Burn CD: this "integrated app" allows users to burn CDs using their iMac, as well as convert files to different formats.

*Online Shopping: being a multimedia store, iTunes offers a wide range of free and paid applications to which all users have access. With the music it happens in a similar way, because in the iTunes Store you can buy the albums of your favorite artists.

*Intelligent playlist: this wonderful feature is that the system detects songs according to a pattern determined by the user.

There are, without a doubt, a myriad of reasons why people prefer the Apple brand, and iTunes has undoubtedly contributed significantly to this. The number of functions and tools offered to users make it one of the most complete stores and players in the market.

One of the characteristics that more like between the community of Apple is the possibility of sharing the content of the iTunes player with other iOS users, this way they connect with their friends and family.

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