We all dream of being astronauts, and although the years go by we continue to be fascinated by all the wonders of the universe. There are millions of things that we can see in space, that is why the ISS exists.

ISS HD Live is an application that allows you to watch a live broadcast of the space whenever you want. In this application you will not only find real and real-time images of the space, but also videos recorded by astronauts with their cameras, curious facts about history and NASA.

* Transmission: first of all, let's start by mentioning that this satellite is ready to show you as much space as possible. You will find an image of excellent quality and of course you will be surprised.

* Images: in ISS HD Live you can see unpublished images of space taken by NASA astronauts.

* Intefaz: the application has a fairly simple and easy to use design. Whose options will allow you to explore and explore various aspects of the space that you may not have known.

* Notifications: one of the most peculiar options of the application is that users can activate the notification bell, so that the application can notify them whenever something interesting happens. Such is the case of sunrises and sunsets, which you can see in the first row from the screen of your cell phone, completely live.

If space is something that intrigues and excites you, you can not miss the opportunity to download ISS HD Live. With it you can feel like a true astronaut and marvel at everything that space hides.

The application is available in electronic stores completely free of charge. No matter how old you are, you will be impressed with everything beyond the sky that we see.

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