In our favorite application stores you will find many applications for reading. Each of these presents a different variation that makes it attractive to capture the users, but still none compares with Instapaper.

Instapaper is an application for reading in which you can store any text you want and read it in the form of a digital book and you do not even need an Internet connection to read your texts. Instapaper is an excellent tool that you will undoubtedly take advantage of.

* Save your files: With instapaper you can download what you want in any type of text, from blog news, articles, magazines, books, even if they are not in digital book format this application changes its format and saves it in that way that you can read them when you want.

* Configuration: With this application you get many advantages as it has different tools to configure it so that you can convert your texts into a virtual book without advertising or any other distraction of web pages and even without images; This is ideal for those who need to focus on their reading as students.

* Basic options: In addition to its main function it also has its basic options of a reading application. You can make changes in the format of the text, size and type of letter that makes you more comfortable for reading. You can make changes to the brightness of the screen depending on how much light you need.

With instapaper you can store your documents, magazines, articles, news, books, brochures, comfortably in one place; This application has the capacity to store up to 500 items and its website has unlimited capacity. Instapaper is a free application and you can get it from your favorite download store.

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