Available on multiple platforms in an official way, you will not be left without sharing your life in photos and videos with your friends and followers.

This content is not only dedicated to photos, but to videos lasting up to one minute. Follow official pages of products, artists, events, among others; offers many privacy and security options for your account. But at this point not only has filters, but you can add tags, location, stikers and tag other users if they appear in the photo or simply to list a contact.

What started as an application in which you could share photos with filters became one of the most popular social networks today. With Instagram you can share your favorite photos and images with all your contacts, which are known as followers. In turn you can enjoy all the content shared by the people you follow.

* Share content to whoever you want: thanks to the privacy options of the application, you can select who can see your content when activating the tracking request, so you can see who wants to follow you and allow or not.

* Simultaneous content: you can add more than one content per publication, whether photos or videos, in the back of the publication appears with dots the indication that there are several photos or videos.

* Enjoy messaging: through Direct Messenger you can communicate with the administrator of the account you want to talk to, as well as share content through that chat and send images.

* Includes stories: similar to WhatsApp Messenger or Snapchat you can add stories in your profile that last 24 hours. At the same time you can edit the images with text, strikes, filters and drawings with many options of colors and textures.

* Make them see you live: you can broadcast live to your followers, as well as receive messages from them on the screen in full transmission and respond as you like.

You can access the accounts of your friends on Facebook or contacts of the phone book while they have their accounts linked to the social network and set their phone number respectively, otherwise you can also invite them by mail or courier. Connect your Instagram account to Facebook so you can share the same content on both social networks.

In the search section you can filter by people, pages, locations and hashtags. As well as having a main page in the search that shows suggestion according to the users that follow you and those you follow. What is translated as you will find content to please according to your tastes. You can edit your profile photo with different filters, in addition to adding a description in your profile to personalize it even more.

You can comment and tag people in both your own and others' publications. Answer comments in indicate if you like. You can also zoom in on the image by making an opening gesture with two fingers.

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