There are many applications of messaging but if you are bored of the same and want to find an application that is good to chat without any doubt you must download Imo and try it, you will be surprised and will become one of your favorites.

Imo is an incredible tool for communication no matter where you are or what model of your smartphone. With this application you can talk to others for as long as you want, whether it is chatting, calls or video calls.

* Simplicity: Imo is an application easy to use, fast and best of all very compatible. You can get it for free and enjoy all the benefits of using it.

* Compatibility: This application has a benefit that many other popular messaging does not count, its compatibility of use is high because Imo does not require so many specifications but can be used in previous versions of smart phones without any failure.

* Storage Space: The storage space occupied by this application is minimal, you only need 11 MB to have Imo, therefore it is a wonder for phones that do not have much storage space.

Imo is an application that is giving much to talk about because thanks to its many benefits it has become the favorite of many, for being such a light application facilitates its execution even if you have an Internet connection that is not so fast.

In many countries Imo has become very famous as it is an easy to use, fun application, it has a simple design and best of all you can make video calls in a fluid way without the annoying slow connection pause, you do not have any problem with that.

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