IMDb is the ideal application for lovers of cinema and television, because it is the most complete in terms of information on everything related to the entertainment industry. Its acronyms come from English and mean Internet Movie Database or Database of movies on the Internet.

Within it you will not only find interesting information about your favorite movies, TV shows and video games, but also everything related to actors, producers and even fictional characters.

* Check billboard: in IMDb you can check the movie listings available in your city, including upcoming releases.

* Trailers: some people prefer to watch the trailers, so in this application there are short films so that the user makes sure they want to see a certain film. In addition, it has certain scenes of television programs and programming of the channels. All this is subject to the availability of the city where the user is located.

* Punctuation: the reputation of the movies is something that film lovers are fixed on, so IMDb offers you the qualification granted by people who have already seen movies, TV shows or videogames. These scores are classified according to the age and gender of the users, in order to show which sector of the public they enjoyed the most.

* Free account: the application is completely free and you can access an account just by entering an email or through accounts on Facebook or Google. Upon obtaining the account the user can rate movies, write comments, create favorites lists and customize their own site.

IMDb is a place where lovers of cinema and entertainment meet to discuss the most controversial of this world. They have the opportunity to make criticisms and discover programs and games of which they knew nothing.

Its Pro version has a series of benefits that only people working within the industry can enjoy, since it allows them to upload complete filmographies, titles in development and even contact with other people in the media.

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