I Love Hue
I Love Hue

If what you are looking for is a game to have a good time entertaining and be quiet this application is the option you need. I Love Hue is a game that will help you to concentrate while you relax.

I Love Hue is a puzzle game ideal for all ages, both children and adults like it, it is a completely free game that will help you calm your mind and help you with concentration. You should not miss the opportunity to live this experience.

*Gameplay: This game is based on the perception of colors, the idea is that you observe and perceive the colors in a correct way in order to organize the puzzle. I Love Hue is not a game that takes a while or competition, quite the opposite; what you want is to make an atmosphere of relaxation so that you can concentrate on calmness.

*Game modes: I Love Hue has different modes to play, there are 4 in total: Color, Perception, Harmony and Serenity. It depends on the game mode you choose is that you will perform an action differently in order to complete the puzzle.

*Mosaics: The game contains some mosaics which you will organize in the way you are asked, either the colors that do not go in that place, order a completely untidy mosaic until you get a chromatic order, find differences in similar colors until a game of colors, music and lights to relax the senses.

I Love Hue is an ideal game for people who suffer from anxiety, hyperactivity, nervousness or simply for someone who wants to spend pleasant and quiet moments away from the stress that causes them day to day with work, traffic and the different tasks that It's up to them to perform.

It is easy to get I Love Hue on your mobile device preferably, either to play from your smartphone or the tablet and one of its best qualities is that your download is free. I Love Hue has many puzzles with which you will not get bored of playing.

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