Human Evolution
Human Evolution

Nowadays children have access to all kinds of information and games thanks to the internet and although often the content of these is violent and inappropriate, there are games and applications in other categories that turn out to be very educational and entertaining.

Such is the case of Human Evolution, a game that invites them to exploit their creativity, ingenuity and intelligence at the highest level. With this application children can have fun while learning about the evolution of our species.

*Free: this interactive and educational game is available completely free on digital platforms Google Play Store and Apple App Store, for Android and iOS devices respectively.

*Design: the game has a very striking design, whose colors make it really interactive and very interesting. In this way, children do not want to stop playing it.

*Simplicity: the application is very simple and since it is downloaded it indicates the instructions step by step.

*Creativity: as we mentioned before, the game tests creativity and ingenuity of children, giving them the opportunity to mix specimens and thus create new creatures that evolve as the game progresses. In the end, they will have their own collection of new specimens and all created by themselves.

There is no doubt that the best way to entertain children is through activities that not only amuse them, but also teach them new lessons and keep their brain active. For this and many more reasons, Human Evolution has become one of the most downloaded games in the Play Store.

Despite being a simple application, it has a series of details that make it very special and easy to interact. Human Evolution represent fun, entertainment and education in a single download.

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