Puzzle games are very popular on mobile devices; You can even say that among the most downloaded applications are these types of games. However, the best puzzle games are always those that vary a bit in the mechanics of your game and especially those that offer a fun and engaging story.

This is the case of Homescapes, a rather casual game is that their goal is to rebuild the old house of its fascinating protagonist, Austin the butler. For this you must buy new furniture, redesign the interior of the house and some restorations

* Graphics: Homescapes has beautiful graphics and a perfect system for touch devices, rebuild the house of Austin with its armchairs, new carpets, restore the walls and design the interior of the mansion at will.

* Game mechanism: The play mechanism of Homescapes is quite simple, you must fix something in the house where you play and build elements, for this you will need stars that you must win through a minigame to connect three equal elements (Candy Crush style).

* Get stars: To get enough stars you must solve many puzzles as the game progresses. You can use the stars to repair something, give it a touch of personalization, make purchases and in this way complete the levels, in addition to unlocking the different characters of the game.

Homescapes is a second part of another game that is quite popular and from the same company: Gardenscapes. Undoubtedly is a game quite entertaining and fun, so much so that it gives a different spin to the puzzle games to which many are accustomed.

The download of Homescapes is completely free, however you can make purchases within the application. The size of this application is about 200 Mb although this may vary depending on the device you have. Do not let them tell you, go right now to download Homescapes.

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