Hobbiespot is an application that facilitates the process of meeting new people and making friends, while informing you about the different activities, parties, or meetings that you can attend near your area, so that this whole process to make a friendship more fun and easy in this way you can adapt more quickly to your new city, if you have just moved.

This application works as a point of reference to meet people with interests similar to yours since it has a user profile and a search filter which will inform you about everything you need to know so you can spend a good time with a friend who share your tastes and that are close to you so they can be at any time free quickly and easily.

*Specific: This is a specific application since its search reason will only notify you about people who share your same hobbies and interesting events, as well as everything based on people close to you so they can share a pleasant time at any time, or You can even plan outings together so you can attend with your new group of friends any activity that captures your attention.

*Social: Not only is it an application that provides information about what you can do in the city, but also has an internal social network only for Hobbiespot users, our goal is to make friends and meet them in person that we show you those that are closest to you, based also on tastes they have in common.

*Fun: This is an application that allows you to have a good time with people of your liking, since it provides you with all the information you need to know about the events, concerts, or parties that are in the area closest to you so that You can go out and have fun with your new group of friends.

By confirming your attendance to an event you can see the list of people who will also go, so that in this way you can communicate with them and plan your meeting that day. You can also share photos and upload states as this application also works as a social network.

Hobbiespot is a totally free application that is available for your Android or IOS mobile device, its system is very simple to use, do not wait any longer and make new friends while you have a good time inside the different entertaining activities that your city offers you and that we teach you.

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