Heroes of Dragon Age
Heroes of Dragon Age

Strategy games are the favorites of many users from all over the world and more if they have a very interesting narrative as is the case with this video game that is based on the wonderful universe of Dragon Age.

In this opportunity the users will be able to face the different opponents with their legendary heroes. Heroes of Dragon Age is a game that combines combat with strategy what we had no doubt waited for a long time. Do not let them tell you and go download this great game.

*Heroes: If you want to start the game well, you must work very hard to gather the best heroes to become a true legend. You can form your teams with monsters and warriors to fight. During the game more than 100 heroes will be available to collect.

*Battle: Heroes of Dragon Age is a game to fight in the battlefield where not only your opponent will be but mythological beings, dragons and even Golems. All these make your experience much more incredible.

*Combats: Once you advance more in the game you can improve your team and combine all the heroes you want. If you manage to enter into combats many times you will be able to gain experience, money and gems; what will make your group of warriors grow. It is extremely important to fight in the fighting to win exclusive rewards.

Heroes of Dragon Age is the favorite game of many since it has attractive graphics and perfect animations during the battles. Undoubtedly EA has achieved a wonderful game that will surprise you in a positive way.

It is important to keep in mind that you need to be connected to the Internet constantly to play. This application is completely free, however there are elements that you can buy with real money if you wish, since it is something totally optional.

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