The most downloaded applications from the app stores of all devices are undoubtedly those of instant messaging. Among these of the most famous is Hangouts.

Hangouts is an instant messaging application whose creator is Google, it was designed in a special way for devices with Android operating system. With Hangouts you can talk with your friends from anywhere you are and from any device you have practically.

* Tools: Hangouts has different tools with which it is possible to send and receive messages, stickers, emojis, gifs, videos, images, files and even make video calls or voice calls.

* Quality: This application provides quality of service, the favorite feature of many is the high quality offered by their audios and videos, it is so recommended that many people use Hangouts for their remote videoconferences.

* Versatile: Hangouts offers versatility since it does not have so many demands to obtain it, you do not necessarily have to have a device with Android operating system since it is also compatible with your Iphone or Ipad and you can even use it from your PC.

Downloading Hangouts is very easy and simple, from the moment of download you can start enjoying its incredible services; This application keeps you closer to your friends and family as you can send all the content you want whether it is messages, voice messages, images, videos. There is no doubt that it is the ideal application to communicate.

To use Hangouts on your pc you can do it through your google account; from the sidebar of Gmail you will locate your contacts and chats, in this way you can enjoy the application without having your mobile device at hand, or if you want to have a better view of the application, you should simply download your add-on from Chrome.

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