GTA is a classic game that was developed by Rockstar and was designed primarily for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Since its launch, it was a huge impact that gives it the worldwide reputation it has today.

GTA has a new and amazing world in 3D which is its main attraction among the masses, so the Rockstar company decided to take the game in a compatible version with mobile devices so you can play it anywhere.

GTA is a saga where you can play with different characters, cars, weapons and all this developed in a virtual world full of adventure and action, where you must meet different missions to complete the game.

*Saga: For mobile devices are designed so far, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA III.

*Graphics: It has good graphics, they are displayed with a good resolution in HD quality.

*Gameplay: The gameplay is almost the same compared to the versions for PC and PlayStation the difference is that the settings to control the game are completely different.

*Accessories: You can attach accessories to your devices to improve the experience, it is compatible with MoGa wireless game controls and some gamepads that work with Bluetooth and USB.

In spite of all the problems that existed for the launching of GTA for mobile devices it was worth the wait as this is an essential title in the collection of versioned mobile games.

A decade behind their backs is a game that today continues to catch the youth gamer, now with this application it shows a renewed air and looks great on devices regardless of whether it is powerful or not.

It has the same playability as the original; its graphics, sounds and duration are almost done to perfection, without a doubt this application rewards the nostalgic cravings of any fan of the game.

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