Nowadays, communicating with each other is a priority, which is why there are several options to choose from when downloading an instant messaging application, but you deserve the best one.

Group Me is an instant messaging application that makes the experience of sending messages, something unique and fun. With just one download you can communicate with anyone who has the application around the world. That is why we tell you more about it.

* Messages completely free: by using Group Me you can chat with the people you want totally free, so you only need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

* Linking: the application is so complete that it allows you to link the SMS of your cell phone to handle all your messages from the application.

* Silencer: one of the features that most attracts attention among users is the option to mute, because unlike other applications of its kind, in Group Me you can mute from individual chats, groups and even the complete application. As if that were not enough, it is possible to configure it in such a way that only notifications arrive at certain times.

* Design and editing: this application allows users to modify their appearance according to their tastes, that is why each person can change the color and the way they see their conversation windows.

It is more than obvious that Group Me is one of the most complete instant messaging applications that exist today, which is why thousands of people around the world have it as their first option to stay connected.

Also, one of the things that most liked among users is the fact that it is a very discreet application, because it allows them to leave groups where they do not want to be silent and without anyone noticing.

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