Google Translate
Google Translate

Google translator is an application of the famous multilingual system that is developed by Google. The translations that this carries out are automatically and you can do them through text, voice, images or videos from one language to another in real time.

Google Translator has the ability to translate a number of 103 languages of different levels, this system offers the service for free and is used daily by more than 200 million people.

This application saves time from not having to open any browser and gives you tools to make it easier to use, such as being able to translate without having to bring the text to the application but from any other copies and gives you the option of translate.

*Naturalness: Google translator has an automatic machine translation intelligence which has the ability to analyze the phrases and make the results more accurate taking into account a number of factors.

*More languages: You can translate up to 103 languages and without using the internet connection it gives you the possibility to translate up to 59 languages a really useful aspect for when you are traveling.

*Translate conversations: Another benefit of this application is that you can already carry out a dialogue with a person in a different language since it allows you to translate the conversations without any problem.

*Translate multimedia: With the use of your camera you can translate any image that has content in another language and the result will be immediate with the same background color and letters.

Google translator is the most famous translator recognized worldwide, today there are many people who use it and to date its application already has more than 500 million downloads.

This application started being simple but then with the innovation of technology has advanced in a way that it seems that its intelligence was not artificial, you can translate conversations, texts, through voice and images; something quite modern and useful for when you visit another country.

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