Google Photos
Google Photos

To create applications and tools, Google never tires of surprising us, since each time they make our lives more simplified. Each tool that Google brings us is excellent so that our equipment is more complete regardless of which operating system it has or which brand it is, it makes your smart phones even smarter.

This time the main application is Google Photos which has as function to be an intelligent virtual gallery with many benefits that will help you save a lot of storage space. It is an excellent all-in-one application that undoubtedly has a lot to offer.

Unlimited Space: The storage space offered by Google Photos is unlimited because it works with cloud storage. Thanks to this you can never run out of space and you will not need to use the storage of the device or SD cards.

* Privacy: This application has the benefit that you can save your photos and videos in a safe place and you can also access from any device such as another phone, tablet or even from a PC by logging into your account from the Google Photos website.

Tools: Google Photos has many more options that serve as tools for your photographs, such as the possibility of editing them by adding filters, playing with color balances, trimming them, among others; It also has a camera for collages, panoramas, animations and many more. You can share your photos with other users if you wish without spending your mobile data.

Google Photos is an excellent application of Google which has been a total success in the most recognized download stores IOS and Android, was one of the most downloaded this 2017. This application is similar to the multimedia gallery brought by smart devices but with the benefit of not limiting storage space.

Google Photos is undoubtedly the favorite application of many users, your camera in addition to making different types of shots also automatically corrects your photos so you can forget about blurred or uneven photos. Do not wait any longer and get this application on your favorite devices.

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