Google Now Launcher
Google Now Launcher
Most of the people used to leave the theme and the chores on our mobile devices determined, since we think it is a bit complicated to change the theme the wallpaper and them, but it is not really easy to customize your phone to your taste. Google Now Launcher is a very complete customization and help App that its creators have made, as is the great company of Google, thanks to this App we can have very shortcuts to be able to perform tasks with the fastest possible speed.
* Assistant: This Launcher has an assistant that will help you with the tasks you can do and have them at hand, just by saying the words “OK Google” this assistant will be activated and you can do various tasks such as asking for the time, making a joke, send a message or make a call.

* Personalization: Thanks to this App you will have the opportunity to completely change your device in terms of the style and design that you can give it, since you will have the possibility to change the theme of various types and many panga backgrounds to put

* Better Understanding: Some people have a hard time adapting to the latest model phones and that is why Google Now Launcher, in addition to being a customization Launcher will help you better understand your device with the assistant.
This great Launcher is an excellent option to choose from among all the launchers that exist within playStore since none is like this, where you can save the themes and screen fonts that you like to place them later. You just have to have a mobile phone with Android (Lollipop) 5.0 or higher to download this great Launcher from Playstore and any other store and be able to enjoy it to the fullest.
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