Google Family Link
Google Family Link

All of us as parents have realized that nowadays our children spend a lot of time on their smartphones or tablets and it can become very difficult to control them so that they stop doing that. To solve this problem is Google Family Link.

With this application you can control the time your children spend on their phones. In addition, you can guide your youngest children to Internet content that you feel they should see and much more. Do not miss the opportunity to have Google Family Link on your cell phone.

*Access: With this application you can monitor the content that your children under 12 on the Internet. In addition, you will have access to a large amount of content that may be beneficial for children or recommended applications depending on the age of the child.

*Applications: Google Family Link has a collection of applications designed for your children to be entertained and also some made by teachers in which children can learn in a dynamic and fun way many things.

*Time: With this application you can control the time your children spend glued to your phone, since you must manage the time set from when you can use it until the time when the device will be locked so it will ensure that your children are sleep at the appropriate time and only you can unlock it.

Download this application for free and prevent your children from seeing things they should not see in the world of the Internet as well as controlling the time they spend behind the screen of their tablets or smartphones.

This version is created for parents or guardians and to be able to use it on the children's phone you must install the children's version. Download this useful application and enjoy its benefits.

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