Google Drive
Google Drive

Google Drive is a tool that was previously known as Google Docs. This has as a novelty the storage service of your files in a cloud and to synchronize these with the other devices where you have it installed.

All your resources will not only be available on the device where they were created or saved, but also on the web. You can install this application on a computer, mobile device or simply use the tool through a web browser.

Each of the users has 15 GB of free space to store their favorite files and this capacity is expandable through different payment methods.

*Protection: Save your most important files so that if your computer or mobile device is damaged, they remain secure in the Google drive storage space.

*Share: It offers you the option of sharing files or even complete folders with a person or a group of people, in order to promote collaborative work.

*Access: It can be accessed through any device that has an internet connection, you can synchronize it with several computers and share it with other users.

*All types of formats: With this application you can view text files, images, videos, among others no matter what software is installed on your device.

Google Drive is a storage place to keep all your files safe and keep them at your fingertips through any computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

All the files that you save in your application whether they are documents, videos, images, photos; They have a backup so you will never lose them.

After saving your favorite documents you can invite other users to join, view, edit or even comment on any of your folders or files, making it a very dynamic application.

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