Google Docs
Google Docs

It allows you to work in a network using the resources of several servers to carry out tasks or store information with a range of productive applications based on the web without having any restriction or limitation when carrying out a project.

Google Docs is also known as productivity software, meaning that it facilitates the production of any type of file with the advantage that the alternative applications that this program has are not linked to a specific computer.

So it is not necessary to install the above mentioned because each user saves the information in the cloud, you can access this information from any point in addition to writing and editing online with other people in real time.

*Users: to be part of this great platform how many with hundreds of privileges as for example, multiple users can edit the same files at the same time among others. This process is called online collaboration and the software used is called collaborative software.

*Design: its simple and easy design has a data processor that profoundly changed the way of thinking about document handling and also allowed project managers to save time and effort and even the Google service eliminates the worry of modify a file irrevocably, since it also stores old versions of documents.

The most striking of these features is that they are not linked to a specific device allowing more flexibility when working, the ability to edit and process a file from anywhere is something that facilitated teamwork completely.

To access Google Docs you simply need to have a Google account in this way it is possible to access from any browser, being this way one of the most requested App in the market for its usefulness and versatility.

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