Google Calendar
Google Calendar

Enjoy this totally free service that consists of an online calendar so you have all the power over your time and your life! That being the case, this tool supplants the well-known personal agendas which have been forgotten.

Google Calendar is the application that you needed your organized or disorganized life in addition to being a calendar is like a personal secretary in your pocket with the simple fact that notifies you of possible changes, reminders, important dates and many things also has a great advantage of being able to be used from anywhere with the help of your mobile devices.

*Simple: it has a very intuitive interface to which it facilitates users to process events without number restriction, including its speed and effectiveness.

*Share: provides the opportunity to share your calendars and belong to others through online invitations easily with your friends or work groups, obtaining better results in cooperative work.

The use of alerts in real time becomes one of the most significant features of this great application because it allows you to handle events from a distance without carrying heavy notebooks or agendas that hinder our day.

Google Calendar is the answer to your pleas to have an easier life, without having to memorize a hundred of information to carry out an event without losing time, money and effort.

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