Google Arts & Culture
Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture is an application for fans of art, and for the general public that wants to enrich their knowledge in universal and artistic culture since this platform allows you to appreciate each work in a more comfortable and close way since it has the possibility of observing a painting well without those restrictions of the museum and there is also the option of enlarging the image so that you can observe every detail well.

It also allows you to visit exhibitions, museums or galleries without leaving the place you just have to activate your location and you can go to nearby places, and know them will be as if you were there really since this application has the option of 360º view so not only You will see the works but you will see everything that is around them.

*Instructive: Google Arts & Culture offers you the option to know and learn more about the artist, the era, history, techniques and works that interest you most since it has a wide section related reports so you have all the information you need to the reach of your hands.

*High Quality: this application allows you to enjoy a work as if you were watching it from that place and not from the screen of your phone because it has high resolution images so you have the opportunity to see every detail and also has the option of view 360º so you do not miss anything, and there is also the option to enlarge the image without losing the resolution, which guarantees a high quality image.

*Global: Google Arts & Culture allows you to know and study art from anywhere in the world because we have an exploration section that can be expanded through the camera approach resources of a work from anywhere in the world.

If your topic of interest is art or if you want to learn a little more about general culture, this application is ideal for you, as well as offering you the opportunity to appreciate many wonderful works that are found in all parts of the world, providing you with information so you can learn more about the subject.

Google Arts & Culture offers you the experience of knowing the art from around the world in one place, from your smartphone offering you high quality images so you can detail each painting, it is a simple and totally free application available for Android and IOS.

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