All lovers of reading know that having a large library at home costs a lot of money, that is why over the years and the help of technology the writers found a way to get their material to all their followers.

Currently there are many portals that offer digital books but very few do so for free. Goodreads is a web portal that has an application adapted to smart devices, which allows users to read, rate and comment on their favorite literary works.

*Digital shelving: in this fabulous application for book lovers, readers have the possibility to build their own shelves, that is, a style of virtual library, so they can find their books much more easily.

*Discussion groups: one of the most curious features of this app is that it allows readers to create discussion groups, where everyone connects and gives their opinion no matter where they are in the world.

*Organization: this application has a fairly simple and useful interface, as each reader will have a list of "Read Books" and "Books to Read" which can include as many books as they prefer and thus have a better control of the information.

*Social Network: Goodreads works as a social network does, because in this app users must create an account and their profiles will be public, so that they can easily connect with other users and connect with people who share their same. literary preferences.

Although Goodreads only has an interface in the English language, this has not been an impediment for readers from all over the world to find the material of their choice. English being the most universally spoken language, this feature has managed to connect millions of people through Goodreads.

Also, one of the things that has most attracted attention among readers is that they can make recommendations to their friends; They can score with stars and give their opinion in writing in any of the books. If you love reading, this app is for you.

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