Golf Battle
Golf Battle

Thanks to technology, we now have a million ways to spend our free time in a fun way and without moving anywhere. That's why there are so many games available in electronic stores; one of them is Golf Battle.

Golf Battle is a multiplayer game that lets you connect with your Facebook friends to become the best mini golfer. Here you can perfect your techniques in the Golf with the help of all the tools and tricks that it provides.

* Multiplayer: without a doubt, the feature that we must highlight is its multiplayer option, because this is the main attraction of Golf Battle. In this sense, players must link the game with their Facebook account so that the system can locate friends who also play Golf Battle and connect them. However, people who do not have a Facebook account can connect in real time with players from all over the world.

* Tools: Golf Battle offers its players a compendium of options that will allow you to improve your game, as well as build a strategy.

* Intuitive keyboard: something really useful and impressive of Golf Battle is that your system is able to recognize the movements you want to do without pressing too many times the screen. We call this "Intuition Controls".

It is important to mention that this game needs internet connection, in order to connect with your friends on Facebook, as well as to update the table of scores of the game and to choose a winner.

In Golf Battle you can compete with up to six players for the title of Best Minigolf. So do not wait any longer and go to the electronic store of your mobile device to download this fantastic game that will make you give a lesson of golf to all your friends.

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