Gmail offers an email service that has POP3 and IMAP possibilities for free and this is provided thanks to the American company Google.

Its launch was on April 15, 2004, has managed to capture the attention of the media thanks to its innovative technology, the ability it has and also for some news that alerted of violation in the privacy of users.

This application can be obtained from any mobile device; gives you the ease and simplicity of Gmail wherever you are, you can view your files, create them, send them, receive them, all from one place.

*Storage: Currently has a capacity of 15 GB. The storage capacity was increased after the launch of Google Drive. This is of great advantage since you have enough space to store your messages or content without worrying much.

*Interface: Its interface already has forty languages, pioneers in using AJAX technology and in 2018 premiered new design, it is also possible to filter messages offering many options and another facility that it offers is that messages are automatically tagged.

*Attachments: Regarding the attachments, through this application it is possible to send and receive messages with a capacity of up to 25 MB.

Gmail is a very useful application, it is a version of the Gmail mail service. It works for free and was developed so that you can provide access to Gmail accounts from any mobile device, phones, tablets, cell phones.

With the Gmail application you can enjoy many of the features that are designed for the small screens of these devices. The beneficiaries have the ability to write, read, respond, file, mark without reading, add a star, place custom labels or junk emails.

In the month of November of 2012, Gmail triumphed when it overtook Outlook (the email service that was most used up to that date), as well as in the number of registered users and in the millions of downloads of its application.

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