Glitch Fixers
Glitch Fixers

For those who love cartoons, especially those of Cartoon Network, we present a fun game that will make you relive moments of childhood. It's about Glitch Fixers, a game about Powerpuff Girls.

This time the Superpowerful Girls must save the Internet, which is being threatened by different characters who want to destroy it. In this way, with the help of Blossom, Bubble and Buttercup, you must put together the best strategies to achieve your goal.

* Fun: it is more than obvious that the most outstanding feature of this game is fun, because we could not expect less from the Superpowerful Girls.

* Strategy: as we said at the beginning, this is a strategy game, so you should do yours in a way that helps you advance level and reach the final battle.

* Levels: the game has 40 levels before reaching the final battle. Each level will increase its difficulty, so you must improve your skills in the game.

* Victories and defeats: the best thing about this game is that every time you lose you can restart it and try again. In this way you ensure you have a good score and increase your number of stars.

* Design: Glitch Fixers account consists of a pretty dynamic and modern interface. Where you will find first quality graphics and striking colors.

This game is fantastic for users of all ages, whether for children who want to know the classic cartoons, or for adults who wish to relive happy moments. That is why it is available for free in electronic stores.

It is important to note that Glitch Fixers does not need an internet connection to work, so once the game is downloaded to your device you can play wherever you are without the need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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