The applications to get appointments are becoming more and more common, although they are also one of the most used, but if you do not really want a date but get a friendship you came to the right place, GirlCrew will surely interest you.

GirlCrew is a fabulous application which was created and dedicated to girls, in this place you can make other women interested in establishing a friendship with you, in this way you can meet other women who are close to you and create new friendships for all life.

* Register: To register in GirlCrew you must enter with your Facebook account in this way the system ensures that you are a woman, after this you will see your timeline with the publications of all the groups to which you belong, that is, if you enter the group of your city you will see all the publications of the girls of the group. Then you can create your own groups separately.

* Find: One of the greatest benefits of this type of applications is that we are able to find people who have our same interests. With GirlCrew you can find new friends and create your own group of friends. Being a platform for women you can feel safe talking to other women.

* Space for girls: The main idea of this application is to create a space where girls can agree to pass the time because according to the women who created GirlCrew is that the problem is not that women do not have friends but that They never find the time to meet. So thanks to this application you can find friends who want to go shopping, have tea or chat.

GirlCrew is a very popular application in different parts of the world since there are many women who are registered in this application, especially those from English speaking countries; like England, Australia, the United States, among others. Choose your city and make new friends near you.

To get this application on your phone you just need to be in an internet connection since its download is very easy to do and the best part is that it is completely free, Do not wait any longer and download Girlcrew.

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