Although there are many applications that exist to guide us when exercising in case, there are few that really manage to fulfill all our expectations. However, this will no longer be a problem, because in this opportunity we bring you an application that will become your ally.

It is called Freeletics, and is an application that helps the user to create and customize training routines based on their height and weight. You will not need too many implements to carry out the exercises. Keep reading to find out more interesting data.

* Community: it is very necessary that we start talking about the large number of people that make up this community of athletes. People from different parts of the world compete in this fabulous application for points and more points. This makes the application much more motivating and interactive.

* Tests: Freeletics cares about the objectives of each user, that is why at the time of entering the application not only ask your personal data, age, weight and height, but also apply a small Test of resistance to To design workouts that adapt to your current physical condition. In this way, you take care of your physical composition and daily training load, which will result in much faster results.

* Interface: this application has a sober and simple design, which makes it pleasant to look at and very familiar, so that users will be able to recognize and use all the tools and options right at the moment of entering.

Keeping fit has never been so easy and fun. Download Freeletics on your mobile device by visiting the App Store or Play Store for free. This is the perfect time to compete with athletes from around the world and challenge yourself.

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