Now fox has a new service designed especially for exclusive customers in which you can enjoy the usual programming of your subscription anywhere and at any time, through your smart device so you do not miss anything and take advantage of your free time watching your favorite shows.

It works with the payment credential you use for TV service so there is no additional charge, plus you have a wide list of fox channels to find movies or your favorite series quickly, easily and safely.

*Pragmatic: The Fox application was designed in order to provide a better and more current service to our customers so this platform offers many advantages that ensure you live a unique experience in terms of programming and entertainment. You can access all the content of this platform from your smartphone, in this way, you can see all your favorite content from anywhere unlimitedly through the Internet. And best of all, there is no additional cost.

*Varied programming: We offer you the opportunity to access a large list of programs as we have different channels that fit your style and interests. In addition our varied content will guarantee you to find the ideal transmission for each member of your family. Fox includes premium programming, FOX Sports and unlimited FOX.

*Accessible: It is a service totally available for our customers, who can start using it quickly, you just have to register in the application with your Pay TV card or the subscription to FOX to access all the content of this platform.

This application also offers the programming of National Geographic, NatGeo Kids, FXM and all the channels of the Fox network so that you have different options that suit your tastes and needs without leaving any family member on the outside.

At Fox we try to optimize the services we offer to our distinguished clientele, which is why the platform works with internet access, so if you are connected you can enjoy your favorite series at any time without paying more. It is available for your Android or IOS device.

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