If you are one of the people that loves to travel and you have a hard time getting a tour guide or otherwise, you want to travel the city, country, neighborhood where you went for yourself without having to spend a lot of money on that tour guide as Foursquare It is a wonderful app that will help you when you are traveling and want to know much more.

 Foursquare is an App that includes a GPS plus a search filter made by the manufacturer and selected by users who already use Foursquare, through their opinions and comments about the places that are near you and so you can get to know the best restaurant, the best shopping center or the best cafeteria.

* location: this App has a very updated location, that is, you can search for a place of your choice and thanks to the filter of opinions and comments from users you can find the best place for you to meet.

 * Simplicity: It has a simple interface like any GPS but unique as Foursquare. 

 * Filters: In addition to the GPS location, it has different search filters placed by or users, that is, outdoor restaurant, economic cafeteria, giant or small shopping center, nearby bookstore, bakery, among many other places with good reputation.

On the other hand, it is app would be a very useful tool for tourists, as like tourists want and they are doing the site or place where they are, then, they need a GPS but, with Foursquare have two tools in one, because they will be able to know which restaurant is more economical than those that are more expensive or know what are the most significant places.

 Foursquare has integrated geolocation, which is responsible for showing you photos of the place and how it looks from, your freedom to see how they are the streets in case you miss yourself in one of them, in addition to giving you landmarks so that you continue your way without removating yourself.

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