Currently the trend in video games in the industry are those of "Battle Royale", and the king in all this would be Fortnite. This game is a challenge, 100 players that can face challenges you to be the last of the last times to keep the cake in the ultimate test of survival.

It is a game full of adventures in which you can carry weapons, build dens with the materials that the records collect as trees, stone, among others and play with your best friends. It has many features that without a doubt.

*Interface: The game shows how a group of students are recruited by force and left with a random weapon on an island, in which all must be eliminated in a random manner until there is only one survivor, to fulfill that goal is Pretty funny since it has a pretty colorful interface and more and more elements that add to raise the dose of epicidad.

*Game mode: The mode of the game is PvP style ie player vs. player, however you can form teams with your best friends who also download the game.

*Micro-payments: The game is free and will continue to be however you can buy certain elements to shine among all, you can improve your appearance, add-ons to include new gestures and dances to interact with other players. However this does not mean that of advantages at the time of playing, the idea of this is to customize your player.

Until now Fortnite is available for Playstation 4, PC, Mac, Xbox One and a version that is designed especially for mobile devices with iOS operating system, it is expected that this summer release the version for Android operating system.

In all its platforms the content, news and extras are exactly the same and even offers the possibility that in the same game are players who are connected from video game console, desktop and mobile devices.

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