Flo is a calendar and reminder of the menstrual period of the woman. This interesting application has a number of characteristics that make it unique in its category, because by entering data in its base, you can predict the menstrual cycle of its users.

With the menstrual cycle being such an important aspect in the lives of women, Flo is in charge of being your ally in those complicated days and asking the right questions can provide information not only about the cycle but also about fertility.

* Synchronized with the cloud: no matter from which device you connect, you can access your own account, with your data and messages, as Flo synchronizes with your cloud to guarantee you the protection of your information.

* Password: because the menstrual cycle can be something much more private for some women, this app contains a security encryption option so no one but you can access it.

* Different languages: Flo is not only in Spanish, but in more than 10 languages ​​so you can configure it with the language you want and even recommend it to any of your friends anywhere in the world.

* Size of the application: in comparison to other calendars of the menstrual period, Flo weighs much less so it covers little storage space.

* Notifications: one of the characteristics that most like among the female population is that Flo notifies them in advance when their period will arrive, which allows them to be always prepared and avoid accidents.

* Fertility: as mentioned above, this application is able to calculate the fertile days based on the data provided monthly by the user. Similarly, it is able to predict ovulation.

Flo has become the most downloaded menstrual calendar on all digital platforms, including iOs, Android and Windows Phone. Being a completely free application, it represents an ally for women in their most difficult days.

Thanks to its extensive database, all users can be informed and organized with their menstrual period. And as if that were not enough, you have the option to share the information with other users.

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