Flipagram is the medium where you can tell your stories to the world through videos with your own photos and music to amaze your friends and be the center of attention in any event you are.

Millions of people already have this application that simply does not stop impressing for how simple it is, it allows you to show your stories with the help of fun backgrounds and the selection of your favorite songs to accompany your masterpiece.

What characterizes this platform is that they can be made without having to resort to a video editor which allows the use of photos from your own gallery, Facebook and Instagram and share them in them.

*Easy implementation: you can use your own gallery photos, once downloaded the application requests the necessary permissions to access the Facebook and Instagram accounts, the duration may vary, adjusting it so that each photo lasts a fixed time so that the total Add between 15 and 30 seconds.

*Social networks: once the video or videos are ready, it gives you the option of sharing with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Email, among others.

*Account: It gives you the opportunity to configure the privacy of your profile so that only the people you authorize can see it and even facilitates the search and monitoring of other accounts to inspire you or keep you up to date.

Turn your life into a story to share with the world, telling your experiences and opinions through the best way that is an interesting video to brighten up your day. And why not the days of others?

It is another way to see the daily events in events worthy of being captured and to join it with others to create presentations with fun personalized backgrounds, to accompany it with the melody that adds that much needed extra and interact with other users.

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