If yours is the animation you found the ideal application for you. With FlipaClip you can make animations in a very easy and entertaining way, it is ideal for those animation professionals or those who simply want to learn to animate their cartoons.

This application uses the method that was used years ago to animate cartoons. At the beginning of the animation, the sequence of the actions of the characters were traced on paper and then each image was shown faster, this way the movement that is seen in the animations was created. This is how the great artists like Walt Disney began.

* Project: With FlipaClip you can start your project, the first thing you can do is choose the dimensions of the canvas and the resolution with which you want to save your animation at the end. Once you have this ready you can start drawing.

* Tools: FlipaClip has good tools to draw, in its free version it has a pen with which you can change the size and opacity, also tools to make circles, straight lines, squares, to select, a palette of colors and many things plus.

* Sequences: The first drawing you make must be created in a first layer and you can add as many layers as you want to achieve the sequence of movements. When you finish with all your layers you must press the button to play your animation; As simple as that, you can create comics, animations, among other projects that you can think of.

FlipaClip is an excellent application in which you can learn about animated cartoons in addition to perfecting the techniques to become a professional, anyone can make cartoons with this application and the best thing is that it is easy and fun.

The best thing about FlipaClip is that it gives you the option to upload your file automatically on YouTube, so you can share your animations with friends; also share it on your social networks or send it to whoever you want. Do not miss the opportunity to download this fabulous application on your favorite device.

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