Surely more than once you have needed to light some space and did not have a flashlight at hand, so you had to choose the screen of your cell phone to at least see a little. However, there are many applications that would solve this problem, but this time we present you one of the best.

Flashlight App is a lighting tool that works just like a regular flashlight, but in this case a laptop, which you will always carry with you and be ready to use. Being this a super useful app has a series of tools that are presented below.

*Free: this application is available for free so users only need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to download it without any additional cost.

*Lighting effects: in addition to regular white and fixed light, Flashlight App has more than 30 lighting effects that adapt to any situation where a flashlight is required, such as: Fluorescent Light Bar, SOS Signals , Disco Lights, Police Lights, Truck Lights, Reading Light, Night Vision Light, Strobe, 60s, Spiral, Emergency, Motion Control, Realistic Multicolor Fluorescent Light Bar, Fully Customizable Color Lights with an Attractive Palette and Multipurpose neon signs.

*Easy to use: Flashlight App has a fairly simple design that allows users to handle it quickly and without confusion.

Flashlights are indispensable tools that everyone needs to have on hand in certain situations, hence the usefulness and importance of downloading an application of the nature of Flashlight App.

One of the most fun and useful features of the application is that users can customize the lantern lights to their preference, choosing colors from a wide range. With just a touch you can light up the space you want.

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