Online shopping today is very common, as people prefer to do shoping from the comfort of their homes, so they do not have to walk or make long lines to pay for products. That is why currently there are all kinds of portals to make purchases online.

Fiverr is a platform founded in 2009 in Israel, which has its own application adapted for mobile devices, in which users have a wide range of digital services to compare prices and buy the one that best suits their needs.

*Classification of products: in this application everything is very well categorized in order that users find the products easily. These categories are: graphic design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and technologies, and finally services for business and companies.

*Purchase and sale: in this platform users can not only buy the digital items they need, they can also sell them just by creating their account.

*Reliability: In order to make users feel more secure when making purchases online, Fiverr requires that sellers display as much personal information as possible, ie, information about their residence, language, name, time seniority using the platform, among others.

*Score: each of the accounts has a number of stars that are granted by other buyers to purchase the products and be satisfied, this is another way to measure the reliability of the seller.

Currently there is a lot of demand for jobs worldwide, so it has become difficult to get a job with your career; that's why Fiverr is the solution for you, because this application is specially designed for all those freelancers who are interested in making money with their skills.

One of the most important aspects of Fiverr is that it is not limited simply to the purchase and sale of articles, but it allows professionals from all the different guilds to promote their services and be contacted by other users.

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