Fishdom is a fun game in which you can collect many coins, the more you play you can unlock new fish and give decorations as you prefer to your fish tank.

This game was created in a computer version and then came out its version for mobile devices which is as successful as the first version as it is an incredible game perfect to spend hours full of entertainment and fun. Get Fishdom right now and defeat boredom.

*Game mode: When downloading Fishdom, the first time you open the application will give you different tutorials in which they will explain briefly how is the game mechanics. It's a game like the puzzle classics where you have to exchange the different pieces to make them disappear. Fishdom has entertaining games in which your mission is to destroy the golden tiles to advance level.

*Prizes: Each time you complete a puzzle you will get gold coins with which you can buy more fish and modify the decorations for all your tanks. The better the combinations are in each puzzle and the more combos you use, the more your reward will be.

*Fishdom 3D: This game has 3D graphics, they are colorful and contain a variety of fish. Fishdom also has thematic aquariums dedicated to you, which you can decorate to your liking. Enjoy the best graphics while you feed and care for your fish.

When you download Fishdom you are going to live an incredible adventure since it has many puzzles that wait to be played by you, you can compete with your friends to know who is the one who solves them faster. You can not miss the opportunity to have a huge collection of exotic fish.

You can get this game for free and it is available for mobile devices that have an Android or iOS operating system; also has its version for computers. You do not need the Internet to enjoy the fun with this game.

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