It is a free and open source web browser. This is coordinated by the Mozilla Corporation and the Mozilla Foundation, and is developed to work on Linux, IOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and OS X.

Billions of people from all over the world use Firefox to enjoy a fun, personal and powerful web experience. Through this application you enjoy browsing the web with privacy and security.

Firefox is designed so that you are in charge and it is you who personalize your experience on the web, plus it gives you the ease of taking it with you wherever you go.

*Smart Search: Firefox anticipates your needs and intuitively provides you with several search results as suggestions from your preferred search engines.

*Privacy: The level of security is more advanced, has protection against tracking by blocking parts of web pages that can track your activity.

*Synchronization: You can access your history, bookmarks and open tabs of your desktop from your smartphone or tablet through a Firefox account. Also remember the passwords between devices so you do not have to do it yourself.

Firefox offers you a fast, personal and intelligent web browser. It was created with its users in mind, offering the best security and privacy that any web browser can offer.

Firefox gives you power to take control of your experience on the web, that's why a product has been designed with many intelligent features that will not let you guess, making the application easy, simple and convenient to use.

This web browser is one of the fastest on the market, it is free of charge and one of its best features that according to the Mozilla corporation claims it is less vulnerable to viruses and malicious codes.

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