Files Go
Files Go

The storage space on mobile devices represents a headache for everyone without exception. For some reason and at some point the system has sent us the warning that we must delete items because our RAM has no capacity.

Because of this, Google has created an extremely useful application for all its Android users. This is Google Files Go, the application that will be responsible for optimizing the functions of your mobile device almost automatically.

*Optimization: as we just mentioned, Files Go is responsible for analyzing all the items we have stored in the memory of our device and thus determines all those unnecessary files, gets rid of them and gets more storage space.

*Duplicate files: Files Go detects those images, songs or files that are duplicated on the device, informs you and shows you the location of each of the files so you can decide which one you want to delete.

*Cloud: Files Go works like a cloud, because it allows you to upload all the content you want to your platform, where it will be kept for as long as you want and in that way, you can remove it from the cell phone memory.

*Internet searches: this application also works as an extension of the Chrome browser, so you can do research or find any information, which will be provided in a matter of seconds.

Files Go has turned out to be an application that we did not know we needed until we had it at our fingertips. It is definitely a very useful tool to distribute, categorize and organize everything we store on our devices.

One of the most striking features of the application is the option to save the content in it, in order to free space in the storage of the cell phone while still having access to it.

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