FIFA Mobile Soccer
FIFA Mobile Soccer

Soccer is one of the sports with more fans around the world, hence the idea of Fifa to create a video game that would gather millions of fans around the world behind the TV screen, but it was so successful that they decided to take that idea A little further and that's how the mobile version comes up.

Fifa Mobile Soccer is the traditional Fifa game that contains your favorite players, but designed specifically in a mobile format, which has a series of tools that allow the user to live an experience very similar to what is achieved with a video console.

*Download size: the download size of this game is less than 100MB, which represents a really striking feature, it will not take up too much space in your storage.

*Social Interaction: due to the fact that it is not managed through controls as it happens with video consoles, the version for mobile devices has the option to play Online, that is, users have the possibility to connect with their friends.

*New content: Because the world of football never stops, Fifa Mobile Soccer keeps in constant interaction with the real news about the sport, as well as regularly offering updates for the game.

*Functions: as with any other game for mobile devices, in Fifa players can participate in different types of activities that allow them to collect coins and points, in this way they can unlock new features.

Many will think that with Fifa on PlayStation or Xbox was enough, but the detail that was overlooked was that when leaving home they could no longer play; This is where the usefulness of this application comes to light.

The most outstanding feature and the one that helped Fifa Mobile Soccer to position itself as one of the favorite apps of the users is the quality of the graphics and the fidelity that keeps the regular game for video consoles.

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