It is really annoying for all of us to have to visit hundreds of web pages when we want to know the latest news, or look for any information. That is why there are several applications that gather the most recent updates of all types of information.

One of those applications is Feedly, a space specially designed for organized readers. In this application you can modify the way in which the news is presented, add your favorite pages to your feed and even share the information in your social networks.

* Organization: it is important to mention that what makes Feedly a really special application is its organization, since the news will appear according to its publication date.

* Design: once users believe they profile Feedly using their Google account or Outlook, they will have the possibility to modify the appearance of their Feed, being able to choose between viewing the news in the form of a magazine, letters, list of articles, among others.

* Link: Feedly wants all people to be informed, so it gives them the possibility to link their Feedly account to all their social networks, as well as corporate or professional profiles, such as LinkedIn.

The success of Feedly since its launch has undoubtedly surpassed expectations. Thousands of users around the world have chosen this fabulous application as their personal news search engine. By having the ability to share with other users, friends and followers the latest news of the moment.

Download Feedly completely free in electronic stores and start to be part of this wide community of readers from all over the world. In this article you will find the direct link for download. Share it with your friends and family and do not miss this fantastic experience.

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