Facetune is an application to edit and highlight your photos you can add color and brightness to make them more pleasing to the eye or simply to correct those errors that make the image look distorted, you can do it quickly and easily, and also what You can share with your friends on your social networks.

It does not matter if you forgot to put on make-up at the time of taking the photo since this application offers you a modality of makeup of eyebrows, lips, eyes and eyelashes, also has useful tools so that your photo looks really as you wish.

*Useful: this application has different functions to provide you with a complete editaje, such as improving the saturation of colors, and the brightness of the photo, in addition to adding makeup you can also cut the image so that it is ready to publish them on your social networks.

*Practical: it is very simple to use and to understand, you can make the best edits from your smartphone, in a comfortable and fast way, you have the opportunity to have a good photo when you want it.

*Informative: since this application has a series of schematic videos-tutorials that explain in detail each tool its use and its effects so you can achieve almost professional results in your photos.

Facetune is a very useful editing tool where you can get photos with brighter colors, lighted and with the features and filters that you like the most and thus achieve professional results, all from your smartphone.

It is a free application and available for Android and IOS that offers multiple tools in a single application so you save space, you do not have to download many applications to get a perfect photo with Facetune you have the best in a single application

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