Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

Instant messaging dominates a large part of current communication and more and more applications are focusing on this task. In general the basic thing is that this messaging works with a correct connection to Internet and the rest will depend on the developer.

It should be noted that there are independent applications whose totality lies in what is instant messaging but not in the case of Facebook Messenger. This application is an extension of the Facebook company for mobile phones in which only the messaging service of the social network can be executed.

It must be downloaded separately from the official Facebook application but in turn is indirectly connected to the application. Messaging where you can send documents, images, gif, voice notes, make video calls, voice and other functions. Available for different operating systems, it has the same compatibility as the application of the social network as such.

*Connected to Facebook: when you access this application you are directly in the messaging area of the social network, all the links of web addresses that arrive are going to be opened in the private browser function of the application and all this corresponds to Facebook. As well as the possibility of addressing the profile of the person from the messaging application: using the social network application if you have it installed or the browser if you do not have one.

*Total dependence: to use it, it is not necessary to have the official Facebook application installed. It makes use of the browser in case of entering the profile of a person or page of a brand.

*A complete application: not only send messages or emoticons, make voice and video calls; send voice notes, gif images, stickers, make reactions to messages, add a nickname to the chat and change its window color, among other functions that do not envy anything to other messaging applications.

Because it is a very complete application, it could be a bit heavy for your operating system. It is constantly updated and introduces many very interactive elements to make a chat something out of the ordinary. You can access the profile of people with only one option.

You can set your phone number to then see the suggestions of your contacts either to write them on Facebook Messenger or invite them to install the application. Also, others can find your profile by entering your phone number directly in the Facebook browser.

One of the features of this application are the very useful chat bubbles, you can organize them by importance and at times when there is a holiday, they interact when they appear or move them from position. If you do not have an internet connection you can send the message anyway and when you have one, you automatically send it.

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