Lead a balanced life is the goal of the majority of people then establish hundreds of daily goals in which at the end of the day, barely have been able to meet one of them Did you happen? Well do not worry because Fabulous is here to help you and get rid of the feeling of guilt.

This application is the perfect, practical and unique tool that provides the opportunity to set goals such as losing weight and finally carry it out, in which postponing for next year is not an option as it will encourage and help you when you need it It does not try to change your life from top to bottom, but slowly takes you to a path of health and balance.

Fabulous provides the tracking of habits, important events and always carry with you a personal trainer where you can perform yoga exercises or stretching and maybe even do a little nap recharge with soothing sounds. It is the motivation that you needed to do exactly what you want to do and best of all, without forgetting anything!

*Multifaceted: this application not only focuses on one aspect but covers different areas of your life, putting daily challenges that you must meet during the day showing tips on how to lead a much healthier life.

*Design: its design is easy to understand its interface is simple and intuitive because its configuration is very similar to that of a calendar where it will show you the different events that can be daily, weekly or even monthly.

*Notifications !: As you read it, this application shows notifications about the event to not forget anything, something very practical besides that many users have given various uses, adapting it to their lifestyle.

Live this wonderful experience that will really change your life, to take you to the path of enlightenment ... or at least take you to a path where you are a little more orderly, do not you think? Do not miss another minute and download the solution to all your problems that you will not regret.

As you meet the challenges they will progressively raise their difficulty so that you can adapt to small steps to this new routine and lifestyle, an issue that is not at all simple and its creators understand it perfectly, and thus in your options you can configure the challenges adding or eliminating some of them.

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