In the Internet world there are many games today, but perhaps none that fits your taste. If you want to be the protagonist of your own game, decide who you interact with, what happens and how your story develops, this game is perfect for you.

Episode is a fun conversational game in which you are the protagonist represented by a new student in a high school; You start by creating your character with the characteristics you want and then you will decide how the story unfolds.

* Avatar: When you start Episode you must create your own Avatar, put a name and modify its appearance; You can choose what hair you will have, such as your nose, eyes, lips, face contours, etc. You can also choose the opa that will be used.

* The adventure begins: After creating your protagonist the adventure will begin, the goal is to be simply as you wish, it is all, here it does not exist if you win or lose, you simply have to make the story change depending on the decisions you make, due to this you can make certain friends, fall in love with one or another person and even interact with many characters like the protagonists Mean Girls "

* Have fun: Episode has much more than 75,000 story options, so conversations can vary in many ways to create the story that is adapted to your needs and that will keep you involved in the game.

Episode will make you feel that you are the creator of your own movie since you decide the turn of the conversations and therefore where the story is going. If you want to start playing your way you will not regret downloading this application

This game is one of the most popular in the download stores exceeding 50 million users. This incredible game you can get completely free, requires being connected to the internet and has purchases within the application to unlock other special features.

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