Eharmony is an application to get online dating, but it stands out because it is not about organizing casual encounters with totally unknown people, eharmony guarantees you the opportunity to find true love among its users, since it has a survey system for show you compatible people with you that have adjusted to your list of characteristics that you wrote on your profile.

In eharmony we know how difficult it is to find the love of your life that is why our purpose is to facilitate this process, teaching you only results that may be feasible for you, trying to avoid having bad experiences and thus you can meet the ideal person for you.

*Specific: Eharmony has a specialized system which consists of a highly specific platform that will show you results that are compatible with your tastes and interests through the information you provided when registering and building your profile.

*Wide: This application is increasingly widely downloaded by people from all over the world is why it allows you to meet as many people as you want without geographical limits in this way we guarantee that you will get the love of your life among one of our users.

*Social Network: Eharmony has its own chat system included so by getting your ideal person you can send a direct message so you can talk and get to know it better in a very personal way.

In order to use this application you must register with eharmony with your Facebook user is the only way to do it but do not worry because all this will be private information and we guarantee that there will not be any type of publication that you do not authorize.

Eharmony is a simpler way to meet people, we will take care of looking for the person compatible with you. You can download eharmony on your Android, IOS and Windows mobile device for free.

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