Edmodo is one of the best pedagogical tools for being a platform where teachers and students can connect to which improves the interaction between them, using the psychology of the game, its mechanics and dynamics in a freer environment as opposed to being present in a class.

The boom of this program is its essence of a social network but with the advantages it possesses and with a high security thanks to the access codes that exist to access in the different categories allowing parents or relatives to be aware of the assignments or events that the student is involved.

Education as a pillar of growth is one of the objectives of the application, to have similarity to a social network, students are more predisposed to learn. Thus, the platform implements and tracks usage patterns to see what works best.

*Organization: the organization of the classes are integrated and adapted to Edmodo with the help of "badges" that qualify the student effort by categories granting a greater motivation to undertake new knowledge.

*Monitoring: to be designed with the aspect that parents or family members are involved in the student's classes, they can measure the progress of the same by simply accessing the account and communicate directly with the tutor or teacher without any restriction as it is time!

*Security: being designed with the direct relationship between parents, students and teachers, it guarantees the peace of mind and security of the young person is using this program with fully reliable data and information.

*Design: thanks to its design and interface very similar to that of a social network, its management is simple, allowing the user a satisfactory and more dynamic experience with knowledge through categories where they are divided into different techniques and activities depending on the programming previously done.

The technological tools have created a new generation where they are related to education, to mention one of the branches where it is used, resulting in Edmodo, a world full of knowledge with just sliding your finger on the mobile screen.

With this practical and fantastic App teachers can expand content or add documents so that the student has access to a greater knowledge network, with the great advantage that if for any reason the student has any doubt has at his disposal the information in the same place.

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