If you need to buy or sell any kind of items from the comfort of your home, eBay is the answer. It is an online business model that allows the purchase and sale of all kinds of things: means of transport, property, land, real estate, clothing, shoes, works of art, electronic items, among others.

*Very low commission: when buyers use eBay they enjoy fixed rates and sellers pay only 1.5% sales commission.

*Free: this online market is totally free, so even without registering you can browse.

*Against fraud: one of the things that makes eBay the most reliable market in the world is its disciplinary actions, which are applied to users who try to exploit or commit fraud and scams to other members of the community.

*International: being considered the largest online market in the world is expected to be available in many languages and in many countries.

*Auction: one of the most striking features of eBay is its auction option where buyers are offering a certain amount of money and in the end the most offered is who gets the item.

*Simplicity: the eBay page is really easy to use.

*Reputation: in order to guarantee the security of purchases eBay awards stars as a prize to accounts with very good reputation among buyers.

eBay has been par excellence the most used online market worldwide, connecting buyers, sellers and investors regardless of the language they speak, being one of the most reliable thanks to its disciplinary methods against fraud.

One of the aspects that most attracts users to buy from the comfort of their homes using eBay is that it establishes certain guarantee parameters that assure the buyer to take care of their money, due to the impossibility of reviewing the item before making the purchase. , so there is the possibility of making a refund in the case that the buyer upon receiving the item is not satisfied.

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