Learning languages nowadays has gone from being a hobby or a profession to being a necessity since people interested in other cultures and their customs are not always lucky to find it in the same word. But not all the time we can load a dictionary of translation at hand or much less have the time to attend language classes, either face-to-face or online.

It is when Duolingo comes into action to give us the opportunity to learn another language in the comfort of your mobile. With this application you can learn different languages such as English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and many more. With a user interface that is very interactive and easy to use, access your language courses wherever you are.

With the help of images and texts in the language of your choice, learn the basics to master the language you want to speak in a very simple way.

*Very interactive: to promote the cognitive system of the person, images are used in relation to the name in the chosen language, in such a way that the person visually recognizes the object, person or animal and automatically the text comes to mind.

*Levels of learning: starting from the basic level, it is required to pass the tests to progress gradually. As you progress, the level of difficulty increases until you complete that level completely.

*Categories: although the idea is to fully learn the sentences placed by the application, you have the opportunity to start with the category you prefer, you have animals, food, verbs, among other categories.

*Keep track of and compare: as if it were a game, in your profile you accumulate experience, a record is kept of the days in which you have not failed tests and the count of the words learned. In addition to a comparative position board with friends who use Duolingo from the social network to which you have linked the application.

In Android, he ranked among the applications category "Best of the best" during the years 2013 and 2014. In addition to receiving very good reviews from companies such as PC Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, among others. A completely free application that is changing the way of learning for the world.

Available for the operating systems that dominate the market, its last update was approximately on December 17 in which only focused on the fix of faults and responses over time. It depends on an internet connection to be able to evaluate the user.

Accumulate experience and show your friends that you know so much about the language you are learning. Acquire coins to buy content and obtain lives. The experience helps you level up, to put you in a position on the board of places where your friends also participate.

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