Dungeon Keeper
Dungeon Keeper

Bullfrog Productions is a company that has been recognized for a long time because it was the developer of one of the most extraordinary strategy games called "Dungeon Keeper" in 1997. Now great news has arrived, you can get this amazing game on mobile devices.]

Dungeon Keeper is a fairly complete game with excellent narration, which has gained its popularity for being different to many tower defense games because in its history we live the role of villains where we must attract many monsters to conquer the human world.

*Objective: The main objective of this game is as mentioned above, we must be the villains of the story. Our role is to make it harder for the heroes to defeat them and steal their lands.

*Characters: You can say that our characters own everything up to treasures and traps; That is why we have to do whatever is necessary to protect the belongings that we have everywhere.

*Traps: Dungeon Keeper gives us the different tools and elements to achieve the goal or is the simplest way to transform our enemy into an animal. We can also create traps with the help of our rooms as in the cemetery that turns the dead monsters into vampires.

Dungeon Keeper is a very entertaining, interesting and fun game in which you can spend hours having fun and creating new strategies to defeat humans. Do not miss the opportunity to join players from all over the world with whom you can share or take other characters to reach your goal.

This game you can obtain it for free and you can enjoy it from any mobile device. Become a part of the dark side and defeat your opponents in the most intelligent way with this amazing game in the style of cartoons.

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